Our Company


Loan Industrias Gráficas, S.L., is the continuation and the result of a constant commitment by generations of printers to the graphic arts business. Therefore, our current society took its origin in the editorial “Cor Unum”, founded in 1950 and dedicated to making anonymous stubs and eminently religious pamphlets.

Later, in 1978, and after 28 years of uninterrupted activity and specialization, takes over our Honorary President, D. Jose Lopez Montesinos, renaming the society to “Jose Lopez Montesinos, S.C.”.

In 1985, D. Joseph Anton Anton, Industrial Engineering and a professor at the Polytechnic University of Valencia, joins the company, being that, as a result of his invaluable expertise, there is a synergy and developments in company resulting in the birth of the current Loan Industrias Gráficas, S. L.

Finally in the year 1990, and now under the present name of Loan Industrias Gráficas, S.L., it starts the production of forms, encouraging a strategy of diversification and technological innovation that currently continues and allowing the internationalization of the company, and which main result is the current leading position in the sector.

Our warehouse is between Valencia and Burjassot (Spain).